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ApSci rhyme over Hot Chip

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live @ SCUFF KICKS Ruby Rabbit, Sydney Australia 2008

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good grief

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As a rule I never want to say something bad about someone who made good.  I saw Mos Def over at Wetland’s on some Sunday back in the mid-90’s, a couple years before the Roots had their regular jam session over there.  A few months later his first single dropped on Rawkus, with this pic on the cover, taken from that Wetlands show, with Mos in the B-Boy stance. His delivery was instantly recognizable as something kindred to the hip hop I knew and loved from the late 80’s.  And thus began the resurgence of true-schoolers under the Rawkus banner… an era of artists more engaged with what hip hop should be, could have been, or could be again… for the first time.  Yeah it did my head in then too, but I was too busy collecting 12″s to care.

I can’t slam him for his recent recorded material, mainly because I haven’t bought any of it.  It’s good to hear him on the track here though, even as he waxes prophetic, telling us we can’t live in any other era than right now… Ey the guy means well, and he seems more engaged here than anything he’s put out in recent memory.

You can check his new single out here via RCRD LBL

obama obama…

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In the spirit of this week’s eloquent and vitally insightful presidential endorsement’s, we thought we’d take a sec to celebrate one that may not make the political blogs this time around.  Yeah this one is a little lower-budget than what we’d usually sit through…  But it’s a credit to the emcee for holding this one down.  As playful as the track is, A.P.T.’s rhymes are pretty eloquent and insightful their damn selves.  You can grab some of his songs here & peep his poli-sci musings over Lil Wayne’s ‘A Milli’ below.

Blackalicious & ApSci live @ Oxford Arts Factory

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Remember Jin?  American-Born-Chinese battle emcee outta Miami-by-way-of-Flushing?  Didn’t he go on 106th & Park and rip some competition?  Didn’t he get signed to Ruff Ryders?  Didn’t I never hear anything about that record coming out, like, ever?  I’m sure there’s a ton of internet stuff on his activities since then… His Wikipedia is a good read, especially him tackling Miss Jones & Rosie O’Donnel for their racist anti-Asian antics…

We were just in Vietnam, living it up in the cheap hotels with the cable box.  Flipped around to Channel V Asia and there was Jin… Looking real comfortable and rapping entirely in Chinese…  So this is where I learn that Jin made an all-Chinese rap album called ABC or ‘American Born Chinese’…

I don’t understand most of what he’s saying, but there’s something undeniably infectious about his Cantonese swagger and cadence.  And his confident, comfortable smile in these clips gives you a sense that he’s really in his element… rapping using the dialect his family always spoke at home in the US, and impacting an appreciative audience in China… To quote Joe Biden “That’s a storybook, man…”  I dunno, it’s cool.

And, yes, anyone who is Asian, has an Asian partner or close friends, or just lives in Sydney can tell you that anyone who writes a song about Yum Cha earns about 500 awesomepoints by default.  So Jin gets the ‘Big Up Yourself’ award this week.


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oct 4th ruby rabbit

Round 2:  ApSci, Mirrah & Polyphonic Children + Special Guest DJs

This Saturday October 4th @ Ruby Rabbit