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Scuff Kicks Vol 1 – Ruby Rabbit

Posted in Woopti Woop on September 11, 2008 by lamotta

we heart you lif

Posted in Woopti Woop on August 27, 2008 by lamotta

I’m working very hard to resist the urge to contrast friend and progressive emcee Mr. Lif with today’s current rappers. This post could easily devolve into some indie-hop chest beating, casting off modern commercial rap as somehow invalid or untrue to it’s roots. That shit is so 1998 though, and judging by how much dayglo surrounds us everyday, it’s not yet time for a 90’s idealism revival. And thank god. The Alanis Morissette reunion tour is when I check out for a while, grow some tomatoes and have a lotta kids. But I digress.

No one in music, let alone hip hop, is making politically relevant statements about the past YEAR, let alone past month. Is anyone else rapping about Obama’s trip to Europe, and how the Russia/Georgia conflict could play easily into McCain’s hands?… Take your time, maybe someone else will pop up in your mind.

Lif is releasing his new album one track at time, and this is the first track is laid back enough to remind me of a cold-classic Gang Starr track, or maybe an interim song on an early Public Enemy record… but modern enough (as in about what’s going on right this very minute) to keep you listening to every word, a feat Lif has achieved before, and is most welcome now.

Stream the new track ‘Presidential Report.’

wish we all waved…

Posted in Woopti Woop on August 20, 2008 by lamotta

I’m a sucker for those Japanese illustrations of crashing ocean waves. The kind you see on prints in the mall or the forearms of imaginary Yakuza guys you imagine in your spare time… I’m also a sucker for 3d vector animation of said waves, giant Koi. And there’s music too? Wow. Thanks Blonde & Precise for this find…

Hey Mel

Posted in Woopti Woop on August 20, 2008 by lamotta

You’re friends with the stalker chick from Flight of the Conchords?!!?!?!? Dude you should totally do a video with her in it. Nah you don’t even have to spend much on it. Shoot that shit hand held around the corner!! Dude I would totally get her on the phone and do that right now, hey where you goin?

it bears repeating…

Posted in Woopti Woop on August 20, 2008 by lamotta

…does it bother you if i cuss? because FUCK the new Tv on the Radio track is fffffreaking good. when that chorus kicked in, what, 4 times?… i just wanted to hear it more & more, and couldn’t help but ask myself, could it be this good again?… what are you still doing here? go… go… go!

get up a git git git down

Posted in Woopti Woop on August 19, 2008 by lamotta

A little ‘tubing on Mirrah will tell you the back story. I’m a lot more interested in her future. You could say the video is just like MIA or you prefer your hip hop anthems about sneaker freaks to be more true-school, or you know, not by girls or something… but then I could tell you to go fuck yourself couldn’t I? Sorry where was I… Mirrah’s on Channel V in Australia this week, apparently spreading gumdrop gospel. Pretty soon your grandma will know how to do it, and then yeah it’ll be wack, but that’s a ways off. For now now let’s enjoy the wonderfully freaky silly dance as Jesus would want us to.