You know, once in a while, every so often, you find yourself in a public toilet that has a Dyson Airblade. And it’s an awesome thing.

Remember in Blade Runner?… When that stripper replicant is in that space-age sonic shower, then she walks into this stand-up air-dryer and it’s like ‘fwooosh’ and her hair flips up and she’s dry…like that? The Dyson Airblade does that to your HANDS.

The Dyson Airblade is the Barack Obama of hand dryers. Man, you know how I know the future will be sweet? Because in the future every bathroom will have a Dyson Airblade in it, and we’ll tell our grandkids “You know, hand dryers didn’t used to dry your hands…” and they’ll be all “Nuh uh,” And you’ll be like “Uh huh,” and they’ll say “Well what were they for?” and you’ll say “I don’t know.”


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